Today I watched ‘Black Friday’.
It’s not about just muslims. Both hindus and muslims are concerned in this movie. Here it is shown in a journalistic way but not in a detail and dramatic way how religion drives a group of religious hindus into a ‘sabotaging army of devils’ and few independent individual muslims into terrorists. A quote by MK Gandhi is delivered in the end of the movie:- An eye for an eye will make the world go blind.
It gets clear that only those muslims were turned terrorists who lost something in previous attacks and were convinced that it was to remove their community just because they are muslims. A religious terrorist is just a common liberal but under wrong guidance of those who use religion as a method to drive them crazy about vengeance. For religion makes bonds between individual terrorists, so as to unite them and provide them a single aim.
How much the muslim world may try to hate Indians and Americans, they can never make as much weapons as America possess. But America made all those success because they educated their children. So why shouldn’t muslims educate their children? Why teaching them to hate other religions? Allah is not with those who are on the verge of revenge.
—Posted by Arshad Usmani


Family Woes Hindering Your Success?
Viola, you are a normal Indian if your answer is ‘yes’. The real
problem here is we are hanging between too many gaps one viz.,
generation. How can one maintain with the lowest economy, impossible
to balance budget which keeps growing. Your taste maybe Cadbury but
still you have to buy some rasgullas for yourmom n dad. That’s
It’s not just our family elders but our community. Hey you can’t sit
with a girl anywhere or sometimes you even fear your neighbours
shouldn’t spot you both together, even if you father has permited it.
Now, we can think on a larger level. Ya you nailed it! Our government,
so backward, SOS! Thanks we were not born in Afghanistan, or any other
arab countries. Don’t need for me to discuss more. I don’t want to
fill my blog with unusual words which make sense about the things
which you already know! Other bloggers and reporters do it in
magazines, newspapers and internet to call it ‘literature’ and
themselves ‘writers’ leaving as to be criticise then to make some of
them selective.
State level government or central, all are not in accordance with our
metro or modern India. Every time I tak up The Times of India, I could
read that the government is so eager to take more and more young
candidates(future leaders). That’s compassionating. But every time
some modern revolutionizing idea starts frothing up, old government
blow it by blaming it as- ‘a washing detergent’ for our morals,
culture and religion. It’s almost strange thata corrupt government is
trying that our morals, culture and religion should not get corrupt.
If this is the case, then think how much good can a non corrupt
government can do. How can we stop corruption? ‘Hey Anna is doing for
us!’ Fuck Anna! For what benifit could he get from our support?
Instead of marching behind him we should march alone where where no
one is marching and try to remove corruption there. Corruption in
India is like neurons of a human brain. Which is the severest subtle
in its spreading all over the country and is an evil brain in itself
which is undecipherable wholy. Government can’t remove corruption on
its own but can ask its 100 Crores to engulf corruption in one go! The
best way to support Anna is that from now if you are going to any
government or public sector or private thing, don’t bribe them only
because it would ease your nerves a little while. Because on the
contrary it could cause longer, deeper pain on the long run as
experiencince by we students who have to get success yet. And it’s
disastrous for you professionals for you have the responsibility of a
family(remember Indian families are normaly big enough to handle).
Yes I want an unorthodox governmant! If we have a look universaly,
many things are banned in India. If not by government then by Shivsena
like religious gurus or Islamic Scholars ready every time to snap a
‘Fatwa’ even on your skirt. Small public group also sabotage (albeit
their own Indian properties) against modernisation.
Last but not the least comes the question of dignity, of our family,
which we have to preserve. So we must notchose any career which will
harm the moral consciense of our parents before the society. You can’t
be a waitor even in a five star hoter, (think more examples), etc.
So if in amidst these you want success, don’t try anything else but
the same thing which you all know! Yes youall know you have to
maintain your carreer with your family woes and how to. The mistake is
too soon you all give up and get start dragging by the circumstances.
It’s India as I’ve explained. So it would take time. Yes it would take
time. But you will succeed if you wont give up in long run. Guys, vote
this year to some modern government. Bridge the gap!
—Posted by Arshad Usmani